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Broadway2LA has become to me a top notch acting studio . I just finished the film class in the winter and it has been an amazing educational experience. The wrap up showcase was a blast !!!These classes are an extremely helpful educational experience. This is a must studio to check out for anyone that would…

Pilar Hita-Davis

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“For my short film “The Secret Whispers of Mr. Feathers,” I was looking for a 7-year-old actress for a pivotal and quite challenging role. My talent search led me to attend a Broadway2LA Talent Showcase featuring 26 young actors, from ages 5 to 15.  I was very impressed across the board not only with the…

Bob Bates (Local Film Producer)

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“I always look forward to attending B2LA’s showcases. Not only are they entertaining but I know any talent I scout from there will have the knowledge and know how to be one of our top talent! I am so pleased with all the talent that I have signed from B2LA! I thank Chad tremendously for…

PC Goenner Talent Agency

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“Broadway2LA has been a great place to send our new actors for further training. Heyman Talent has also found quite a few new actors while attending Broadway2LA’s showcases.”

Heyman Talent Agency

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“Because of the showcase and my involvement in it, I have been contacted by the top agencies in Ohio. Without a few peoples help, Chad Willett being the most important, I would not be where I am today.”

Zach B. – “Film/ TV/ Stage Cold Reading Class”

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“Two of my other kids took an acting class in a well respected NYC studio when they were 4 and 6 years old.  The quality of this program is so much above and beyond the class my other two took.”

Kelly G. – Kids Film/ TV/ Stage Class (Parent)

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“I am going to speak for us all in saying that we are also proud to be associated with Broadway 2LA Acting Studio , Our  acting ability and talent is a direct reflection of the outstanding leadership and sincere dedication of  your teaching and caring about what we’re learning and also making sure each and every one of us in…

Jeff F. – Commercial Class (Student)

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“The class was a great experience, it really helped out my acting career. I think you’ll love it because it teaches you basic principles about acting, like the magic “if” and blocking. The class also improved my confidence in my acting. Chad is also very kind, he really shows you how to feel good in…

Glenn C.- Kids Camp (Student)

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My 8 year old daughter took Chad’s acting class Fall 2009.  It was her first exposure to an acting class.  It was a fantastic experience!  She looked forward to class all week.  The classes were extremely fun, spent predominantly practicing age appropriate scripts and some improvisation.  The classes were structured in a way that each…

Kelly G.- Kids Camp (Parent)

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“Chad, The class has been such an amazing experience for me.  Your approach is very positive, yet still challenging.  I find that I can apply the principles of method acting to my improv acting and even to my singing.  The best thing, however, has been your friendship and kindness to me when I lost my…

Vicki S. – Film, TV & Stage Class (Student)

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