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“As a parent the Broadway2LA class exceeded my expectations. My son gained a great deal of confidence. The showcase was a wonderful experience to watch. The quality of acting was impressive. After participating in the showcase my son has been contacted by 2 local talent agency’s.”

Barb C.- Kids Camp (Parent)

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“Broadway2LA did a fantastic job in teaching my kids the scene work, improvisation and more all in a positive and interactive environment. Being supportive while at the same time very detail-oriented has dramatically improved my kids’ acting skills.   The showcase was well-organized, with a high level of professionalism. Two agents at the event expressed … Continue reading Rachida O. Kids Camp (Parent)

Rachida O. Kids Camp (Parent)

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Broadway2LA is a wonderful opportunity for teen actors to learn a great deal about the theatre. I would recommend Chad as he is very creative and resourceful and brings out the best in each actor.

Mindy Agin Naimin

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Just Awesome! Chad is An Amazing acting coach! My daughter loved the Showcase!

Shay Moore

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