“Broadway2LA” Teen’s Summer Acting Camp- Virtual

“Broadway2LA” Teen’s Summer Acting Camp will be virtual!  Each day campers will receive a script, (monologue/ commercial/ film scene) memorize their lines, and work one on one with their instructor via Zoom.

How it works (Virtual Classroom):

Virtual Classroom: Each day campers will receive individual instruction from their instructor, notes, and a recording of their performances using Zoom.  We will also have regularly scheduled breaks throughout the day to keep the campers engaged and fresh throughout the day.

Designated Blocks- All week long campers will receive designated blocks of time to work with their instructor and scene partner on their scripts.

Videos- Each day campers will receive pre-recorded messages from their instructor which includes acting techniques, memorization principles, and more.

Acting Scripts- During the week of the camp, the studio will email campers their scripts which includes the commercials, monologues and film scenes. 

Acting Showcase– On Friday afternoon students will perform their commercial, monologue, and film scenes on Zoom which will be recorded and emailed to parents to post on social media and share with friends and family.

Summer Camp Schedule (Monday- Friday 9:00 am- 1:00 pm):

  • Monday– Broadway Day/ Practice comedic and dramatic monologues
  • Tuesday– LA Day/ Practice film scripts + comedic and dramatic monologues
  • Wednesday– LA Day/ Practice commercials + film scripts
  • Thursday– Dress Rehearsal: Practice monologues, film scripts, and commercials
  • Friday– Perform a play, monologue, commercial and film scene in the “Talent Agency/ Casting Director Showcase”**

What You Get:

Training– 5 days of coaching from a Broadway2LA Acting studio instructor (Bill Darby & Chad Willett)

Social Media– Share your performances on all your social media pages: Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter etc.

Camp T-Shirt- Each camper will be mailed a Broadway2LA summer acting camp T-shirt

Virtual Showcase– Perform your commercial, monologue, and film script in the virtual showcase

General Information:

Ages: 13- 16 years old

Camp Dates: July 20 – July 24 (Monday – Friday)

Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: Virtual/ Zoom

*The studio will email you all the information to connect to our class via Zoom


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