Broadway2LA Teen’s Summer Acting Camp

This summer camp is sold out. 

Please contact our studio to be put on the waiting list at 614-572-9005.

Experience what it is like to act in Hollywood & on Broadway!

Each day teen campers will receive a script, memorize their lines, and perform 2 Broadway pieces (Play/Monologue) and 2 Hollywood pieces (Commercial/Film script) in the Talent Agency Showcase.  The teen showcase will be a red carpet event that includes talent agents, friends, family, and the paparazzi.

Summer Camp Schedule:

  • Monday – Broadway Day/ Practice plays
  • Tuesday – LA Day/ Practice film scripts
  • Wednesday – Broadway Day/ Practice monologues
  • Thursday – LA Day/ Practice commercials
  • Friday – Perform a play, monologue, commercial and film scene in the “Talent Agency Showcase”

Highlights Include:

  1. Talent Agency Showcase- Perform for local talent agents
  2. T-shirts- Customized “Broadway2LA Summer Camp”
  3. Filmed Showcases- Shown on YouTube
  4. Instruction- 30 hours of camp instruction

AGE: 12-16 years 

Class Dates: June 10-June 14

Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (Monday – Friday)

Location: Columbus Performing Arts Center/ 549 Franklin Avenue/ Columbus, Ohio 43215

*Talent Agency Showcase Lineup includes: CAM, Heyman, PC – Goenner & Sigal Model & Talent Agency
(1 agency per showcase)


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