“Friday Night Live” Kid’s Improv Summer Camp – DUBLIN, OH

No Scripts, Only Your Imagination!

“Friday Night Live” teaches its kid campers the basics of the art of improvisation in a friendly environment.  Each day students will create improvisational pieces (TV Shows/ Commercials/ Films) from scratch which will be aired on the Broadway2LA YouTube Channel and performed in the Talent Agency Showcase. The showcase will be an event that includes family, friends, and talent agents*.

Summer Camp Schedule:

  • Monday– Create a comedic TV show
  • Tuesday– Create a dramatic TV show
  • Wednesday– Create a commercial (30 seconds)
  • Thursday– Rehearse TV shows and commercials
  • Friday– Perform the improvisational pieces (TV Shows and commercials) in the “Talent Agency Showcase”**

Highlights Include:

  1. Talent Agency Showcase- Perform for local talent agents
  2. T-shirts- Customized “Broadway2LA Summer Camp”
  3. Filmed Showcases- Shown on YouTube
  4. Instruction- 30 hours of camp instruction

Ages: 8-12 years old

Class Dates:  June 29th – July 3rd

Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm (Monday – Friday)

Location: Abbey Theater/5600 Post Road Dublin, Ohio 43017