“For my short film “The Secret Whispers of Mr. Feathers,” I was looking for a 7-year-old actress for a pivotal and quite challenging role. My talent search led me to attend a Broadway2LA Talent Showcase featuring 26 young actors, from ages 5 to 15. I was very impressed across the board not only with the acting talent on display but the organization and professionalism of the entire event. At this showcase, there happened to be one actress in particular – 7-year-old Eden Bradley – who struck me as being a strong candidate for the specific role in my film. Her Showcase monologue and her scene with other actors showed exceptional talent and polish. My initial reaction was confirmed when she auditioned for the part. She knew her lines and she took direction remarkably well. I was only too happy to give Eden the part. We shot her scenes over an intensive three-day weekend. In each of her scenes, she brought her character to life vividly and hit all the right character notes. Bravo, Eden, and thank you, Broadway2LA!”

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