My 8 year old daughter took Chad’s acting class Fall 2009. It was her first exposure to an acting class. It was a fantastic experience! She looked forward to class all week. The classes were extremely fun, spent predominantly practicing age appropriate scripts and some improvisation. The classes were structured in a way that each student received positive feedback from both instructor and peers. Techniques were built into all aspects of class in a way that the students automatically absorbed both as an actor and an observer. Chad is one of those special few who genuinely understands children and has a gift in working with them. He has a way of bringing out their unique personalities while giving them positive, constructive feedback. The improvement in the kids’ skills and confidence exceeded my expectations. The DVD of my daughter’s script practice was a great tool helping her to see what she looked like in action, fostering improvement in her skills. Every other week, they’d have a new script to work on. The acting showcase at the end of the session was fun, well run and well attended by acting scouts. My daughter was contacted by all three companies present. There wasn’t any pressure…just enjoyment of all they’ve learned. Creativity was appreciated, comments were welcomed. I can’t recommend this program more highly for anyone interested in pursuing an acting career, wanting to improve your speaking/delivery skills, wanting to improve your confidence, or wanting to have fun with something new. Two of my other kids took an acting class in a well respected NYC studio when they were 4 and 6 years old. The quality of this program is so much above and beyond the class my other two took. It’s well run and delivered in a creative, nurturing, fun setting. We wish we weren’t moving out of state as we’d love to be continuing on with Broadway2LA.

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